1. The Nourishment and Schooling of Heirless Children fraternized manner.
  2. Assistance of Heirless Senior Citizen/Widows.
  3. Co-curricular activities for mental and physical growth of under care children.
  4. To manage the job opportunities for Heirless children for their economic uplift and self respect.
  5. Legal / Economic assistance to innocent overseas, arrested Pakistani citizens.
  6. Revolution against “Dowry” and financial aid to poor families.
  7. Non-Profit base Pooran Housing Societies for homeless families.
  8. Promotion of Religious/Science/Vocational Education for skill development.
  9. Strives for the placement of Pooran’s qualified / skilled children according to level of Education.
  10. Managing for the social security plan for Heirless employees.
  11. Political activities within Pooran Society Welfare will not be assisted.
  12. Establishment of Library which will embrace the “Religious Books” of all Religions for ethical promotion.
  13. Special programming for ethical growth of Heirless children’s.
  14. Establishment of “PEACE HALL” for Seminar/Conferences and Meetings of Scholars.
  15. Society also Establish the FANE of all the religions around the PEACE HALL for their own Adoration / Meditation.
  16. The Soceity establish a Free Medical Dispensary for free treatment of Poor peoples and also starts the Ambulance Service for facilitate the peoples.